Our Story

Savor Gourmet Market & Cafe

Stop by and find out why food loving Vegans, Vegetarians, Pescatarians and Kosher foodies all agree that Savor Gourmet Market & Cafe always delivers a 5 Star culinary experience.

Savor Gourmet Market Cafe started as a cafe which expanded to become one of the must-try restaurants for health-conscious Brooklynites. Our Chef has created a large menu with something for every palette. Our menu features fresh Market Salads, Green Wraps, our famous Market Bowls, Italian Pasta and Pizzas and many delightful plates from the Sea.

Early bird customers can enjoy many delicious Breakfast & Brunch choices. For those on the run, there is a long list of Gourmet Grab-N- Go dishes.

Our Chef

Arick Fachler

As a child growing up in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Chef Arick learned the recipes and techniques for many traditional Yemenite and Israeli dishes from his mother. Entering the professional workforce at the age of 13, Arick can recall some of the first kitchens he peeled potato or even cleaned floors. By the age of 16, he was already managing the operations of a small Brooklyn bagel shop in Mill Basin. Starting his day at 3 am to go roll bagels gave him the understanding of responsibility at a very young age. This all just grew his curiosity and passion for the culinary trade.

He furthered his cooking skills and expertise by learning at the world-famous Culinary Institute of America at the age of 17. After completing his AOS in Culinary Arts Degree in 2003, Arick spent some time in Israel as he did every summer growing up as a young boy, training with his family in the Old Kerem city in Tel-Aviv. Here they own one of the largest restaurants in Israel, open over 35 years this is where Arick learned most of his staple techniques in Middle Eastern Cooking. Operating in a 3 floor, 600 seat, 2 full kitchens and family owned environment, helped Arick develop an appreciation for respect and efficiency, all while loving everything you do. “Yalla Yalla” his aunt and uncle would yell to him in Hebrew to move it, he says back home they work at a pace, a very quick pace.

While in the acquisition of his culinary degree, Arick has worked under three certified master chefs and completed an internship at the legendary restaurant Jean Georges’ @ Trump International Towers. During these experiences, Arick has refined his appreciation for the exceptional processes of luxury cuisine and service.

We are lucky to have Chef Arick leading the culinary creations at Savor Gourmet Market & Cafe. Stop by and say hello!



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